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Hi! I'm cloud11665, and this is my website. Here, you will find various information about me, my interests, and my works. Most of the stuff here will be either programming, devops and/or privacy related.

About me
Just a guy from Eastern Europe with a passion for free software, and a big interest in algorithms, media players, and all stuff terminal. My other hobbies include swimming, but those things won't be mentioned here. In my spare time, I'm mostly hacking on my personal projects that, albeit useless for production, allow me to always learn something new. Most of the time, when programming, I listen to d
music. A compilation of my favorites can be found here.
My operating system of choice is Ubuntu LTS for the personal computer, and Debian stable for the server, both of which are very reliable, and fast. I've tried other desktop distributions, but have found them lacking in terms of mobile nVidia VGA support.
* Please also keep in mind that English is not my first language, so although I try my best, there still may be some errors here and there.

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